The Summer Collection

The Summer Collection

Summer is here and so is the new Summer Collection!

This new collection is based around summer itself, combining themes of sun, sea and sandy beaches! So let’s get right down to the new designs themselves!

The Shark design uses a loose neo-traditional tattoo style to showcase this deadly predator from the deep. A visual representation of a "go hard or go home" attitude, will you sink or swim? Being on the theme of summer, I wanted to use bold, striking colours to contrast with the shark itself. The anchor and frayed rope on the front pocket also continues with the nautical theme of this design.

Next up, the Tiki Mask. These masks are often hand-carved out of wood and take on traits of a particular god. Many tiki masks represent the gods of Hawaiian or Polynesian cultures, however not all do. With this design, I wanted to bring in Hawaiian themes, including the torches and the yellow hibiscus flowers, which is Hawaii’s official state flower. The wave patterns on the forehead of the mask also symbolise one of the most popular Hawaiian activities, surfing.

The Toucan Paradise design is a classic colourful summer design, perfect for any summer occasion, whether that’s on a beach, at a festival, or at a friend’s summer barbecue. There’s not much more to say, it’s a happy toucan surrounded by a selection of luscious fruits, with a palm tree and a warm sunset - summer in a nutshell!

The last design of this collection is the Desert Sunset. A design that’s perfect for riding off into the sunset… or just for those chilled out summer evenings. The warm colours combined with an 80s style look give a calm, homely feeling to the design. Whatever the occasion, this design’s got you covered!


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